Creating new openings with the right balance

SwifSash is a revolutionary invisible balance system for sliding sash timber windows. With SwifSash you can make traditional sliding sash windows in timber without the need for unsightly springs, cords or chains.

The SwifSash balance system is completely hidden from view once installed.

  • Specifically designed and engineered for sliding sash timber windows.
  • Window Energy Rating of Band A is obtainable using the SwifSash system.
  • Can be used on almost any size sash – from 300mm to 1500mm high.
  • Unique, integrated and completely invisible balance system.
  • Easy to install and reliable in performance.
  • Easy to draught seal and weather seal your window.
  • SwifSash balances are custom built and are fully pretensioned.
  • Suitable for use in both new and existing timber sliding sash windows.
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SwifSash Fitting Guide.

Step By Step Guide

Take out a stopped groove for SwifSash balances 16mm wide by 18mm deep in each sash edge, stopping 30mm from each end.

IMPORTANT: Sashes heavier than 18kgs (40lbs) are likely to need 2 balances each side requiring a 32mm wide groove. Always check with us before machining.

NOTE: Allow normal clearance between sash and frame to accommodate timber movement.

Fix the balance into the channel through fixing holes in SwifSash balance. Keep the balance as close to the bottom of the sash as possible.

NOTE: The end of the balance containing the pulley wheels and the zinc tie-on should always be at the bottom of the sash, whether it be a top sash or a bottom sash.

  • Machine four grooves 16mm wide by 75mm long and 10mm deep in window frame.
  • Top Sash: The position of the fixing clip grooves for the top sash should generally be 25-50mm up from the bottom of the SwifSash balance when in the closed position.
  • Bottom Sash: The position of the fixing clip grooves for the bottom sash should generally be 25-50mm lower than the top of the SwifSash balance when sash is in the closed position.

NOTE: For very heavy sashes with limited travel single balances, e.g. 860mm balances with 700mm travel, the bottom sash clips should be placed 150mm lower in the frame. These will still remain invisible as there will be a sash-stop on the lower sash.

  • The top sash is installed first. (Always use the SwifSash Spring Tool for pulling the Dacron cord ends).
  • Stand the window frame vertically.
  • Use the SwifSash Spring Tool always with open hook facing sash edge.
  • Hook the zinc tie on through its eye and pull almost all Dacron string out in direction of the clips and attach carefully and securely.

IMPORTANT: Never pull string out of the balance in the wrong direction. The Dacron cord must always be allowed run on the pulley wheel groove, otherwise it will be damaged and frayed if pulled against metal.

  • Sit sash into frame carefully making sure that Dacron cords are running freely on pulley wheel groove at all times
  • Install parting bead before starting to fit bottom sash.
Install bottom sash using the same procedure as above.

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